Space buns are all the rage, and they’re here to stay in 2023! These cute-yet-edgy hairstyles have a delightful ’90s vibe, perfect for adding some festival fun and e-girl flair to your look.

Whether you have long locks, a short cut, fine hair, thick tresses, curly waves, or sleek straight strands, there’s a space buns style for you. Keep scrolling to find out about the coolest space buns hairstyles that will be taking over this year. 😍🚀✨

Five Space Buns

Why not give yourself the ultimate ’90s makeover with five fabulous space buns? Drawing inspiration from Bantu knots, a traditional African hairstyle featuring coiled bun-like knots, the five-space buns look made a triumphant return to the fashion scene in 2020 and is now more popular than ever.

These buns are a perfect choice for the sunny summer months, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. They pair wonderfully with statement shades, bold makeup, or your favorite jewelry, adding an extra layer of flair and fun to your look. So, channel your inner ’90s diva and embrace this trend that’s making waves once again! 😎🌟💁‍♀️

Messy space buns

Messy space buns take the crown as one of the quickest and easiest, yet undeniably cool and cute hairstyles out there. They strike the perfect balance between being pretty and feminine while maintaining that laid-back, relaxed vibe, making them an ideal choice for a chill date, a brunch with friends, or just a fun day out. 

To achieve that effortlessly chic look, keep the buns from getting too voluminous by twisting them a little tighter and securing them with bobby pins for that irresistibly sexy-messy finish. And, as with most messy hairstyles, it’s crucial to balance the casual vibe with fresh yet polished makeup to ensure you still look perfectly put-together. 

So, rock those messy space buns and conquer your day with style and ease! 💁‍♀️✨🥐🌻

Bow-shaped Space Buns Adorned With Delicate Braids

Undoubtedly, one of the most adorable space bun hairstyles you can rock is the bow-shaped buns with braids. This charming hairstyle combines the elegance of Dutch braids at the back with playful bow buns at the front, creating a look that’s both cute and stylish.

To achieve this delightful hairstyle, start by parting your hair down the middle and sectioning it into two parts. Then, begin double Dutch-braiding each section from the nape of your neck up to the crown of your head. These braids will add a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

Now, let’s focus on those adorable bow buns. Take the front sections of your hair and craft them into two high space buns, leaving out a little hair to form the “tails” of your bows. Secure the buns with hair ties.

Once your space buns are in place, take the loose sections of hair that you left out and braid them. You can opt for traditional three-strand braids or get creative with fishtail or Dutch braids for a unique touch.

Finally, wrap the braids around the base of your space buns to create the charming bow effect. Use bobby pins to secure the ends of the braids and ensure your bows stay in place.

This hairstyle isn’t just perfect for adults; it’s equally adorable on kids, making it an ideal choice for a mommy-and-me photoshoot or a matching hairstyle for your little one’s birthday party. With bow-shaped buns and braids, you’ll both be turning heads and stealing hearts wherever you go!

Space Buns with Natural Hair

Mini Space Buns with Fine Hair

Mini space buns are a fantastic choice for those with fine hair, especially if you’re seeking a simple yet stylish new hairstyle. Styling fine hair can sometimes be a challenge because it tends to be naturally smooth, straight, and lacking in volume.
However, mini space buns offer a solution that doesn’t require texturizing products, heat styling, or extensions. With their trendy ’90s vibe and quick styling, they’re the perfect choice, even when you’re in a rush. 😄🌟💁‍♀️

Space Buns with Loose Hair

Space Buns with Short Hair

Space buns are truly versatile and can be adapted for various hair lengths, whether your hair is long or short. If you have a lob (long bob), consider trying a half-up, half-down space buns style. This look is both cute and charming, offering a delightful twist to your everyday appearance.

To give your buns some extra volume, start by creating two ponytails and employ backcombing or mini hair donuts to wrap the hair around them, achieving a fuller and more voluminous look. 💇‍♀️✨🌟

Space buns have made a strong comeback in recent years and are expected to remain popular in 2021.
The trend for space buns can be traced back to the 1990s when they were popularized by celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, and the Spice Girls.
Space buns, also known as double buns or puff buns, were originally inspired by Princess Leia’s iconic double bun hairstyle from the original Star Wars movie. However, the modern version typically features smaller buns positioned near the crown of the head.
In terms of professionalism, traditional space buns are often associated with a youthful and non-formal look, making them less suitable for professional or conservative settings. However, variations like braided space buns can offer a more formal appearance and might be acceptable in some workplace settings.
For those with thin hair, achieving space buns is still possible. Consider creating mini space buns while leaving most of your hair down to give the illusion of volume.
To make your space buns appear larger, you can employ various techniques. Backcombing your hair or using hair donuts can help create additional volume. If you have naturally fine or thin hair and want to make your buns more voluminous, you could also try using hair extensions, such as a ponytail extension, to achieve the desired look. 🌟💁‍♀️✨